Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Platinum Pebble

So I will probably rave about this place many times as it is our new favorite in the Cape. I consider myself a self proclaimed expert on Cape Cod. I have been coming to the Cape since I was a child and introduced Kevin to the Cape in 2004. I think we have now seen and done all the touristy things. There is just a spirit in the air that brings us back to the Cape year after year and usually multple times throughout the year. I have stayed in hotels and B&B's from Falmouth to Chatham and to this day nothing has measured up to The Platinum Pebble.  Annabelle and Simon have created such a unique Cape B&B with clean lines, lovely hardwood floors, and unique fixtures. But yet you still feel Cape Cod in every inch of the place. It is so refreshing to see gone the typical floral wallpaper and old furniture and have it replaced with the softest bedding, modern furniture and urban decor. Now The Platinum Pebble only opened about two years ago and we have been five times as a couple and I had one visit as a girls weekend; I believe that really speaks for what they have done here. Our visits here include July 2011, November 2011, March 2012 and April 2012, New Years 2012/2013, March 2013. This post will show our first trip in July 2011, the other trips will be separated out.

July 2011:wine poolside

The Nantucket Room (Deluxe Category)

In the summertime you have access to the beach with free parking passes. This saves you $15/day in parking.

Love that they have a pool, very hard to find at B&B's...

Amazing dinner with lovely views at 28 Atlantic

Chatham is one of our favorite towns, we still enjoy walking around and checking out all the cute shops.

And just one of our favorite photos from this trip. We feel like it captures the essence of Cape Cod.

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